The Kentucky Medal – My 50 State Medal Pursuit

It’s a new year, and my pursuit of a homebrew medal in all 50 states continues. My first medal of 2024 was won at the Kentucky Bluegrass Cup competition held by the Brewers of Central Kentucky.

I submitted three beers I still had from the 2023 competition season. They were a bit old, and I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of performance.

I submitted my American Amber Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, and American Pale Ale – all having won medals at previous competitions.

When the awards were announced, I was thrilled to hear my name announced for bronze in the American Pale Ale category.

This is the first competition I entered in 2024. It’s a great start to the season, and I can’t wait for the local competitions to begin!

Track the progress of this pursuit here, at the the 50 State Medal Tracker Page.

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