The Missouri Medal – My 50 State Medal Pursuit

It’s my last medal of the season for my 50-state medal pursuit, and it’s very close to the end of the year, so it’s very appropriate that my last medal comes from the “Happy Holidays Homebrew Competition” held by the St. Louis Homebrew Club.

As the name suggests, this is the medal for Missouir in my quest. Happy Holiday Homebrew was the largest competition I’ve entered this year. There were 628 entries in this competition! Most of the competitions I’ve entered up to this point were capped at 400 entries or less.

I entered three beers in this competition: My Pale ale, which’s done phenomenally this season; my Amber Ale, which’s done well so far; and an experimental Smoked Hop Amber ale that is hit or miss depending on the judges and their definition of “experimental.”

My Pale Ale came through for me once again, winning me a Gold Medal at the “Pale Ale” Table.

I am thrilled to have won gold again with my Pale Ale, and I’m even happier to end this season with a gold for my Pale Ale. I started my 2023 season with a gold medal for that same Pale Ale in March at the Coconut Cup and Miami, giving this season a nice full-circle feel.

That wraps up my efforts for this quest in 2023, but the investigation continues. I still have 39 states to win, and I have to figure out the Hawaii and Alaska challenge of shipping the proper styles for such a long trip.

Until the first out-of-state competition for 2024 (which I’ve already signed up for), cheers!

Track the progress of this pursuit here, at the the 50 State Medal Tracker Page.

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