The North Dakota Medal – My 50 State Medal Pursuit

I appreciate and am thrilled with every win I’m honored with any time it happens. But for my North Dakota medal, it may be a touch more exciting to have won something in this competition.

The competition was “Hoppy Halloween,” held by the Prairie Homebrewing Companions in Fargo, North Dakota.

As the name shows, it’s a Halloween-themed competition complete with a costume contest and special Halloween theme categories. The medals feature ghosts rising from a cauldron, and the ribbons are handmade with Halloween-themed charms.

Anyone familiar with our home entertainment network knows our unmatched celebration of the Halloween holiday. We even have a Halloween channel hosting all our Halloween specials and Halloween-based one-off episodes we’ve recorded and posted over the years.

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and while I never expect to win at any competition, I was really hoping to win something at Hoppy Halloween.
And I did. Not just one beer won, but two won! I entered two beers with a pretty good track recording this season – my Pale Ale “Hipster Skull” and my Scottish Heavy “Maltsquatch.” I also entered one of my newest recipes for an American Amber Ale called “Red Wolf Astronaut.”

In the end, the new Amber Ale and veteran Scottish Ale both brought home silver medals and added North Dakota to my completed list in my 50-state medal pursuit.

I’m always thrilled and humbled to win at any competition. But in Hoppy Halloween, I was just plain ecstatic!


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