What’s The Hop? Game 2 Hop Description

The following are the descriptions for the 3 hop choices in Game Two of “What’s The Hop?”.

HOP 1 – Eclipse

The first of our Australian Hop options today.

Created as experimental hop HPA-016 in 2004 before officially released as Eclipse.

Noted as bright and juicy, being mandarin and citrus forward.

Very high Alpha Acid content ranging from 15.7 to 18.7%

Used heavily in Hazy IPAs, but does has a pine note that lends well to West Coast IPAs.

Aroma Profile: Sweet Mandarin, Citrus Peel, Fresh Pine

Flavor Profile: Citrus, Sweet Fruit, Woody

HOP 2 – Enigma

The second Australian hop contender

Enigma was bred and released by the Hop Products of Australia program of the Bath-Haas Group.

It’s a cross between Tettnanger and an unnamed North American hop.

Noted as juicy with red fruits like raspberries and red currant but also show white wine note much like the Nelson Sauvin hop.

Has a very high Alpha Acid content ranging from 16.7 to 19.4%.

Complexity depends on dose rate and addition time – late additions or dry hopping maximize the flavor and aroma.

Aroma Profile: White Grape, Red Berry and Currant, Melon

Flavor Profile: Sweet Fruit, Green Fruit, Berry and Currant

HOP 3 – Vic Secret

The final Australian Hop choice in this game.

Vic Secret was introduced in 2013

A sister hop to Topaz

Features clean tropical fruit flavors and aromatic of Pineapple and Passion Fruit with slight resinous notes in the background.

IT has a very high Alpha Acid content ranging from 15-21%

Characteristics best highlighted in whirlpool or dry-hop additions.

Aroma Profile: Pineapple, Pine, Herb

Flavor Profile: Sweet fruits, Citrus, Woody